About us:

Crypto-Services was found in October 2020, With the intention to bring a new exchange for new crypto-projects.
We try to create an exchange where developers, and customers meet.
Aiming to have our fees as low as possible, Where trading is possible with several different pairs.
NashCash, Our own project. Will be seen as standard pair for every coin that will be added. Plus an additional pair of choice.

For listings, the be listed project needs 10.000 votes. Where 1 vote is 1 NACA (NashCash).
When the voting has been done, The project will be listed with NACA and a pair of choice: BTC - ETH - LTC - XMR - Doge.

We at Crypto-Services believe that crypto has a great future, And even the smallest projects deserve a chance!
Low cost, Low fees, and happy customers is our goal.

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